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Have You Considered the Possibility That Your
Best Prospect Might Actually Be a Paying Customer?

We Generate Paying Customers for Your Network Marketing Business
Let's face it, building an MLM business takes work. You've got to fill your pipeline with new prospects from every available channel, and you've got to maximize the the web to levarage more of your time. Online marketing can be a daunting challenge that can steal precious time from other critically important tasks.

We Help You Eliminate the Risk and Uncertainty of
Marketing. You Pay Only for Actual, Paying Customers.

Let's Be Crystal Clear...

  • There is no “close.” We Deliver Prospects Who Have Already Decided to Buy Your Product.
  • Customer Information is Delivered Right to Your Inbox Immediately After Purchase.
  • You Will Receive Complete Billing, Shipping and Order Details.
  • You Pay a Simple One-Time Fee Per Customer.

So, What's The Catch?

  • Due to the nature of this type of marketing, these campaigns will not fit every offer or every company.
  • Generating a real-time paying customer is a very different task than generating other types of prospects. Therefore, expect to pay more.
  • There are no maintenance fees or management fees of any kind. You pay strictly per customer or per prospect.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Frankly, we didn't think it was possible. The team at Clarify summarily proved us wrong.
    Catherine M.
  • 32 years in the Industry and I had no clue how to tackle the Internet. You guys have saved me the time so I can focus on what I do best.
    Douglas B.
  • When we wake up in the morning, check our Inbox and see new customers buying our product every single day, we can barely contain ourselves.
    April K.
  • 18 Years in the business and these are flat-out the best leads I've ever called.
    Chris W.